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Decking Screws


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  • Hex Head Timber Screws
  • Timber Screws
  • Decking Screws
  • Masonry Screws
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Hex Head Timber Screws

Ideal for a range of applications, such as decking, landscaping sleepers, rafters and fencing.

  • Large diameter flange head for easy removal of driver bit after use
  • Self-countersinking head
  • Corrosion resistant Ruspert Green finish
  • Heat treated carbon steel
  • Sharp cutter tip; no pre-drilling required

Timber Screws

  • Double countersunk pan head
  • Super sharp cut point tip 
  • Special thread geometry with molecular lubrication 

Decking Screws

  • Harderned
  • Super Sharp Tip
  • Special Thread Geometry
  • Cut Point Thread
  • Unique Power Driver Bit Included
  • Ribbed Double Countersinking Head
  • 1000hrs Salt Spray Tested

Masonry Screws

Ideal for anchoring into concrete, stone and brick.

  • Sharp cutter thread for easy use
  • Effectively drives into concrete, stone and brick
  • Zinc plated and yellow passivated for extra corrosion resistance
Screw Type

Hex Head Timber Screws, Timber Screws, Decking Screws, Masonry Screws


4 x 25mm, 4 x 30mm, 4 x 40mm, 4 x 50mm, 4 x 70mm, 5 x 30mm, 5 x 40mm, 5 x 60mm, 5 x 70mm, 5 x 80mm, 5 x 90mm, 5 x 100mm, 6.5 x 70mm, 6.5 x 100mm, 6.5 x 150mm, 6.5 x 200mm, 4.5 x 50mm, 4.5 x 60mm, 4.5 x 75mm, 7.5 x 82mm, 7.5 x 102mm, 7.5 x 122mm, 7.5 x 152mm


BZP, Black, Ruspert Green, BZP/Yellow Passivated


Bag of 20, Box of 100, Box of 200, Box of 500