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6″ Plain Concrete Gravel Board

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6″ Plain Concrete Gravel Board – Heavy Duty

150mm (6″) x 1830mm (6′) x 50mm (2″)



Plain Concrete gravel boards have a smooth finish. They add additional support to fencing structures, whilst minimising the risk of premature rotting by isolating the fence panel to prevent it from having contact with the ground. They can be built up on top of each other if necessary, or to form a solid fence.

150mm High x 1830 Wide

300mm High X 1830 Wide

Used to protect the fencing by bridging the gap between the ground and fence, to ensure that the moisture content from the floor is not soaked up to initiate rotting.

As well as being perfect for panel fencing gravel boards, these concrete structures are ideal for lawn edging, retaining walls etc.

The boards are ideal for use with our concrete slotted posts. No additional fixings are required, the gravel board simply slots into place, just like the fencing.

Our gravel boards are steel reinforced to increase strength and extend lifespan.