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3′ Closeboard Fence Panel

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3′ Closeboard Fence Panels

915mm High x 1830 Wide supplied with a fitted Top Capping (panels can be made to measure)

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Constructed using vertical feather edge boards, Closeboard Straight Top Fence Panels provide strength and durability. Pressure treated to provide a longer lifespan

This product can be made to measure, call us on 01782 599180.

Available in the following heights – width of our standard panel is 1830

  • 600 – 2 rail
  • 900 – 3 rail
  • 1200 – 3 rail
  • 1500 – 4 rail
  • 1800 – 4 rail


Closeboard Fence or Feather Edge panels are perfect to ensure privacy and security, and are pressure treated for a longer lifespan and to protect against rot. These are flat top panels for standard fencing but include a pyramid top cap


 Closeboard Fence Panels are  1830mm in length, and comes with a top cap fitted. 

This product can be made to measure, please call us on 01782 599180.

Available in the following heights – 

  • 600 – 2 rail
  • 900 – 3 rail
  • 1200 – 3 rail
  • 1500 – 4 rail
  • 1800 – 4 rail


Wooden closeboard fencing is a durable and versatile option for privacy and security. Sturdy vertical slats provide a robust, long-lasting barrier.

Constructed with overlapping feather-edge boards, it offers enhanced privacy by minimizing visibility from both sides. The robust design ensures stability in various weather conditions.

Commonly made from treated timber, but can be bought dipped, closeboard fencing is resistant to decay and insect damage, enhancing its longevity. The treated wood also provides a natural aesthetic.

Installed with strong horizontal rails and supporting posts, closeboard fencing remains stable and secure. This makes it suitable for both residential and commercial properties.

Its design allows for flexibility in height, accommodating different privacy needs and site requirements. The versatile nature makes it a popular choice for various landscaping projects.

The overlapping boards prevent gaps, offering additional privacy and improving the fence’s overall appearance. This design choice adds to the security and visual appeal of the structure.

Closeboard fencing is adaptable to uneven terrains, providing a seamless and attractive boundary.

This adaptability contributes to its popularity in diverse landscaping and construction settings.

Regular maintenance, including staining or painting, can enhance the fence’s appearance and protect against weathering. This routine care can helps preserve the wood’s natural beauty.

The sturdy construction and overlapping design make closeboard fencing an effective windbreak. It adds an extra layer of protection to outdoor spaces, particularly in windy or exposed locations.

So overall, because the wooden closeboard fencing is a durable, versatile, and visually appealing option for those seeking a secure and private boundary solution. Its adaptability, strength, and resistance to decay make it a reliable choice for various applications.