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Feather Edge Boards


All prices shown are including 20% VAT.

Ideal for secure and private closeboard fencing.

Each fencing feather edge board is cut from a ex 22 x 125mm board to give two boards that taper across the width.

The thicker edge of the fence board is approx 13mm tapering down to approx 8mm on the thinner edge.

You should allow 25mm for an overlap with each board. This equates to 10 boards per metre of fence.

All boards are pressure treated

Dimensions N/A
Length (mm)

900 (0.9m) x 2e x 125 x 22, 1200 (1.2m) x 2e x 125 x 22, 1500 (1.5m) x 2e x 125 x 22, 1650 (1.65m) x 2e x 125 x 22, 1800 (1.8m) 2e x 125 x 22, 2400 (2.4m) x 2e x 125 x 22, 3600 (3.6m) x 2e x 200 x 38


Green Treated, Brown Treated